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Welcome to Advanced Protection Systems Ltd

Our unique two way audio communication systems have proved to be a chosen method for securing your home and within the commercial sector for protection for the lone worker and vulnerable members of staff.


The APS system works in real time, once a panic button is pressed the system is connected direct to our monitoring centre via the system’s control unit. The situation is then evaluated for severity and if the conclusion is positive the relevant emergency services are alerted immediately. All our responses are treated as verified incidents; this means the police have a duty to respond.


Once alerted by a client we stay in contact whilst the emergency services are en route, we can then report if a situation exacerbates (requiring more back up) or diminishes (standing down and rerouting services). This means that via our unique system the emergency services are never called out on a false alarm, this way we can protect premises with or without current URNs (i.e Police Response). All communications to the monitoring centre are digitally recorded for possible further use.


Along with our many residential customers, our corporate clients include; Express by Holiday Inn, Intercontinental Group, KHL Group, Premier Inns, Toshiba Tec, Travelodge Hotels Ltd, Spirit Group.


The Monitoring Centre

The Monitoring Centre is manned 24 hours a day, 365/6 days a year - ensuring a response to any situation. The Centre responds to most incidents by using sensitive audio surveillance microphones; this opens up a two-way conversation on your premises.  On receipt of an audio alert, a trained operator will respond by listening and assessing the sounds being transmitted from your protected property.

The ability to listen to the premises provides a fast and effective method of assessing the situation. Your Personal Incident Manager also has the ability to issue a verbal challenge - usually enough to send the most unwanted guest running!


All alarm activations received at the Monitoring Centre are subject to our own alarm verification policy, in line with ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) policy. The priority and focus of the Monitoring Centre staff are to safeguard people and property in their care.

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